SOLIT Precious Metal Depot – cost-efficient purchase and safe storage of gold and silver!

Solit Pyramide All In One Precious Metal Depot

SOLIT’s Precious Metal Depot is a popular investment solution based on precious metals. To purchase larger quantities of precious metals for storage at SOLIT’s Precious Metal Depot, gold and silver is purchased directly from the mints at favourable institutional purchasing conditions. These precious metals are deposited in highly secure storage facilities in Zurich, Switzerland. Direct purchase of the precious metals gold and silver is done in cost-effective lot size trading units. These physically acquired precious metals will then be stored duty free, in insured high-security vaults in Switzerland.

SOLIT’s Precious Metal Depot offers the right solution for any type of asset building with precious metals: be it through monthly savings plans, financial provisions for minors, reinsurance of pension commitments, physical investment solutions with high-security features for one-off purchases or asset building. The customer has, of course, the freedom to choose the breakdown of his/her precious metal investments in gold and silver.

The advantages of SOLIT’s Precious Metal Depot at a glance:

  • “Best provider of gold savings plans“ according to Focus Money (June 2016)
  • Purchase possible from as little as €2.000
  • Solid material value with a promising outlook
  • Secure, independent storage of the precious metals in Switzerland; access to the vault is subject to the 6-eyes-principle
  • Significant purchasing advantages due to favourable institutional purchasing conditions
  • Can be terminated at any time in part or completely
  • Right to physical delivery on a monthly basis
  • Also available as a savings plan for long-term asset accumulation
  • Freedom to chose the breakdown in gold and silver
  • Cost-efficient collective storage of your precious metals
  • Security ensured by an independent fiduciary and external use-of-funds control body
  • No liability or insolvency risk
  • Establishment of precious metal depot also possible for minors
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In the following, you will find details on SOLIT’s Precious Metal Depot:

The storage concept

Precious metals such as gold and silver have always been regarded as a safe haven, offering protection in stormy times. Especially now, more and more people are rediscovering the original currency functions that solid precious metals, such as gold and silver, have fulfilled for Millennia.

More then ever, gold and silver serve to sustain the value of assets and hold a firm place in any balanced, well-diversified asset Portfolio.

Many economic indicators currently support an excellent outlook for precious metals – above all gold and silver – over the coming years.

In times of economic slowdown, paired with escalating sovereign debt and an unprecedented expansionary monetary policy, many experts assume that precious metal prices will not only stay stable but will increase or even multiply by the end of the coming decade.

Participate directly and independently from the development of the value of gold and silver with the support of professional partners with their optimised purchasing and storage strategy! The SOLIT Precious Metal Depot also offers you the option of a monthly savings plan.

The advantages of investments in precious metals

With a SOLIT Precious Metal Depot you have access to a type of investment with features that other capital investments do not offer – or at least not to the same extent:

  • The supply-demand constellation: especially in the current economic environment, numerous indicators suggest a positive outlook for gold and silver. Growing demand is confronted with a naturally limited supply, which means that the value of such investments is likely to increase.
  • Durable buying power: both gold and silver are naturally scarce, as they cannot be reproduced unlimitedly. This is why they have been used as a means of payment for millennia and have never lost their buying power, despite of inflationary developments. Especially in times when expansive monetary policies are a global trend, the precious metals gold and silver represent a safe haven against the risk of loss of buying power..
  • Diversification effects: generally, the precious metals gold and silver are characterised by their negative correlation with capital markets. A reasonable share of both these precious metals in physical form is suitable to guard your asset portfolio from undesirable market risks.
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