The SOLIT All-in-One Asset Protection scheme – a one-stop-shop for safe investment of your funds

In our current economic environment, the importance of innovative investment solutions with a high level of security continues to grow, as guaranteed interest is close to zero, investors receive barely any interest on their bank savings, life insurances and pension funds can no longer generate the promised yields, government bonds are less secure and bring lower yields than ever and inflation rates gradually devour all monetary value.

Throughout history, physical precious metals have proved to offer the best possible protection from crises on the stock and forex markets, as they are an ideal shelter in stormy times. More than ever, gold and silver serve to sustain the value of assets and hold a firm place in any balanced, well-diversified asset Portfolio.

In the current market environment, numerous economic indicators support an excellent outlook for precious metals over the coming years. To name but a few of the manifold advantages of precious metals: value retention, increasing prices, guaranteed purchasing power due to natural scarcity, and protection of your asset portfolio against undesirable market risks.

With the SOLIT All-in-One Asset Protection scheme, the SOLIT Group, a company of VSP Financial Services AG in Wiesbaden, Germany, offers a product portfolio covering all the services related to investments in precious metals – from their cost-efficient, insured purchase and outstanding professional support services, to highly secure storage. With the SOLIT Group you have an outstanding partner to help you secure your assets in precious metals:

  • The SOLIT Group is “Best supplier of gold savings plans” according to Focus Money (June 2016)
  • SOLIT Precious Metal Depot received a positive assessment by CHECK – (March 2016)

SOLIT’s portfolio of solutions meets the highest standards in terms of structured, integrated asset building and expansion on the basis of precious metals – both for novices and experts.

For the purchase and storage of precious metals we recommend our long-standing secure storage concepts which are highly popular with thousands of customers: SOLIT Precious Metal Depot and SOLIT SECURE STORAGE.

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For further information on the SOLIT Group’s different precious metal solutions, please consult the following dedicated webpages:

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SOLIT Precious Metal Depot – cost and lot size efficient purchase of precious metals with highly secure storage in Switzerland

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SOLIT SECURE STORAGE – benefit from bank-independent, individual, allocated storage of precious metals at international locations

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About the SOLIT Group

The SOLIT Group is part of the VSP Financial Services AG corporation in Wiesbaden, Germany. Since 2008, SOLIT has been offering demand-oriented investment solutions in physical precious metals. SOLIT has already handled hundreds of millions in investments. Since 2013 the product range has been expanded to include direct investments in precious metals. In this way, the SOLIT Group offers its customers a complete investment portfolio consisting of precious metals savings plans and a number of different storage concepts.

Managing directors of the SOLIT Group

Robert Vitye

Robert Vitye, born in 1979, is the founder and Chairman of the Board of the VSP AG and has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. He studied Business Administration at the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz (Germany). The focus of his professional activities is the analysis and development of capital market products with a strong emphasis on solid precious metals. As managing director, he has been in charge of the development of these products ever since the foundation of the SOLIT Group in 2008.

Christian Sünkler

Dr. Hans-Christian Sünkler, born in 1974, studied Law at the Westphalian Wilhelms-University in Münster (Germany) and has been an accredited lawyer since 2005. His main field of expertise is legal advice and the development of financial products. He has over ten years of experience in the industry, particularly in equity interests and investments in tangible assets. In 2015, he was appointed Managing Director of the SOLIT Group.

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